International Energy Agency: Energy Conservation through Energy Storage Implementing Agreement (ECES IA)

The R&D programme Efficient Energy End-Use Technologies contains 14 different Implementing Agreements (IAs) of which one is the IA on energy storage (See - IA Text - 135 kB ).

The full name is Implementing Agreement for a Programme of Research and Development on Energy Conservation through Energy Storage (ECES IA). Active participants in ECES IA include Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Korea, Norway, Sweden, Slovenia, USA and Turkey. Three sponsors are participating in the ECES at the moment: University of Lleida from Spain and Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland).

The ECES strategy is summarized in the - ECES Strategy Plan - 567 kB .

Organisation of ECES IA

The work within the ECES IA is lead by an Executive Committee (XC) and the work undertaken by this XC is done by mutual agreements defined in Annexes. At present the ECES IA contains 31 different Annexes of which twenty two, Annex 1-14 and Annex 17-25 , have been terminated. Today there are five active annexes:

Annex 26 Electrical Energy Storage – Future Energy Storage Demand
Annex 28 Integration of Renewable Energies by Distributed Energy Storage Systems
Annex 29 Material Research and Development for Improved TES Systems
Annex 30 Thermal Energy Storage for Cost Effective Energy Management and CO2 Mitigation
Annex 31 Energy Storage with Energy Efficient Buildings and Districts: Optimization and Automation

The work is led by the Chairman Halime Paksoy (Turkey) ; and Secretary Hunay Evliya (Turkey). There are eighteen contracting parties in the ECES IA.